Wednesday, July 28, 2010


These belts are made from genuine snakeskin with a leather backing and covered buckle.
Each belt costs R450, they can be worn as a waist belt or a pants belt.
All photos by Lavonne bosman

Wine red

Mouse grey

Forest green

Adrian Kuiters and Ninon shoes

Keith Henning from Adriaan Kuiters invited me to do a shoot with him. Here is the final product. Above the model is wearing the David style in brown leather, a classic lace up based on the veldskoen.

Here the model is wearing Jeremy, an easy wearing slip on that works best worn with out socks.
In this picture the model is wearing Bobby a soft lace up, also best worn with out socks.
Here is Bobby again.

All the shoes in these photos are made from leather and are leather lined.
The cost of the David is R750, the Jeremy is R800 and Bobby is R850.
You can find both myself and Keith at the Biscuit mill market in Woodstock every Saturday from 9:00-14:00.