Thursday, January 6, 2011

David Kramer has his red vellies back

A while ago David Kramer bought a pair of shoes from me. The shoes he bought is called 'David', yes I named the shoes after him, why? The 'David' is based on the classic vellie, which never quite went out of fashion in South Africa. All I did was refine the vellie and made it more modern.

To finish my David Kramer story... I told him that I have a piece of red patent leather if he was interested in having a pair made up. He said he would think about it. A day later he phoned me to say yes, he would like a red patent pair made up...and the rest is history.

...and here they are together again David Kramer and his red(patent) vellies

David Kramer wearing his Ninon red patent vellies on stage in his latest production Breyani.
Photos by Jesse Kramer